(Maybe an open rp?) Useless.



Dara sat down by herself it had been a long day and she was tired as she sat down to drink her coffee and enjoy the day she noticed a man who looked so depressed all she could do was offer him a smile. “Hello I’m Dara Makoza pleasure to meet you.”

” HI Dara, I’m Tahno” he said in a melancholy tone. He looked around the coffee shop wondering if many he should get back to headquarters.

Dara smiled “Pleasure to meet you Thano…would like some coffee?” she said with a smile.

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    Tahno bit his lip, “Oh” Tahno could tell this woman felt strongly about Amon, and this made him nervous. He decided to...
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    Dara’s amber eyes narrowed at the name. “No that coward did not take away their bending.” she hated him hated what he...
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