Royalty AU sentence starters!


A big mix of them, so have fun with them! Intrigue, revolts, and fairytales~

  • "Your majesty, the invaders have breached the castle walls — you must flee!"
  • "I pledge my fealty to you."
  • "One day, you will become a fine ruler of this land."
  • "I need no king/queen."
  • "You should do something about those revolts."
  • "And on this day forth, you shall hold crown and scepter in the name of the people as its fair and just emperor/empress."
  • "My king/queen, do not fret for there will be no one else I would rather die for."
  • "Kings/queens do not weep so weakly."
  • "I am not the true king/queen — I am merely their body double."
  • "Oh, sweet Prince/Princess, would you care to be mine?"
  • "The king and queen have arranged it — you will be married to the child of the opposing nation so that peace may come to both our kingdoms."
  • "In a few hours your head will roll through the town square — what say you, deposed one?"
  • "You are the king’s illegitimate child and I have come to collect you."
  • "My name is unimportant — you, tyrant, will die today by my blade."
  • "Oh, cruel majesty…for your selfishness and evil ways, I place a curse upon you and your house…"
  • "Royal balls are such a bore, aren’t they?"
  • "I wonder what it’s like beyond the palace walls?"
  • "You are hereby condemned, exiled from this kingdom, stripped of your title for crimes against the kingdom."
  • "Oh, highness, do not shed anymore tears — I am here to rescue you."
  • "As per the rules of the tourney, I am granted one wish: I wish to marry your son/daughter."
  • "Let’s overthrow the king together, shall we?"
Anyone want to roleplay?
  • Straight haired person: Just comb it!
  • Curly haired person:


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She smiled “I would love to have some tea.”

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"Have you seen a little girl around here, about three years old wearing a blue jacket?" She asked in a frantic out of breath tone.

Dara blushed a bit as she held the box of sweets in her hand. "I thought you might enjoy some sweets."




Lieu smiled, a bit surprised by the gift of the tea shop owner. “Aww, well thank ya so much. These look lovely.”

She took one to taste, offering out of habit to Dara. Truth be told, most would end up with her brother, but there was no reason to tell Dara that.

She pressed her lips together grinning and she spoke “Of course you can have whatever you want.” she gave a playful smile and she spoke “As a thank you for being my daughters waterbender instructor let me take you out to dinner..we can make it a date.”

Lieu smiled at that, glad the other woman didn’t see it as too much trouble, but at her offer, she bit her lip. Part of her did find the other girl very pretty and interesting, but she was a bit hesitant about dating someone she just met. Still, she should live a little. So she gave a slow nod of her head. “Alright, dinner. We’ll see about it bein’ a date or not.”

She gave a grin and she spoke “I promise it will be fun, meet me here at eight and I will take you to the best fire nation restaurant in town.” Dara was going to show Lieu  a good time it was the least she could do.